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Don Mestizo Branding by Robba Saldaña

I consider myself to be a connoisseur when it comes to ‘Tortas’. The mexican version (and a better version) of a sandwich, a torta style ranges from very complex with multiple sources of protein and fresh veggies, to a bare-bones and simple approach like El Chavo del Ocho used to prefer… “Una torta de Jamón” (just ham and mayo).

menu-2As a big fan of ‘Tortas’, I’ve become a bigger fan of Robba Saldaña of Monterrey, México. He has taken tortas and elevated them to a worthy level with his branding solution for Don Mestizo Restaurant in Monterrey. The base of all of this is a good mark. A strong mark. A mark that establishes the style of heritage and history but with a contemporary twist. I see this mark existing in the 1920’s in a very exquisite bottle of tequila.

The menu reminds me of an old Mexican newspaper; big bold fonts and custom made logos that highlight the house specialties give life to what many people like myself see as a missed opportunity from many restaurants to let the essence of their place shine through. Don Mestizo’s menu achieves this and more.




The walls are decorated with amazing illustrated posters that play off the mexican picardia and celebrate a vibrant culture.



The whole decor is so amazing that you just want to yell like a mariachi at the top of your lungs!

This project is a great example that good branding can make great things even better. The passion in Robba’s work is as pulsating as the passion that Don Mestizo puts into their food… Soul food, poor mans food turned into a royal feast!

Please do yourself a favor and view the full project over at his Behance page.


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