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Rotating Free Fonts Website

Kind of a stupid name for my first post in weeks, but it exactly what it is… this is the future of web  UI design. Say goodbye to your typical scroll down on to the side… Rotating baby!! that’s what it is. I was so amazed by the functionality of this site that I almost forgot that it had a huge collection of free fonts for download. Cool fonts too.. not the crappy kind.

Check it out here…

The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know

Jamie Wieck put together this list of 50 things that designers-to-be must know before entering the real world. So very true. Here are the first 5… see them all here

1. You are not the first.

There are very few ‘firsts’ these days. Countless others have started studios, freelanced and requested internships. It can be done. #the50

2. There is always someone better.

Regardless of how good you are, there will always be someone better. It’s surprisingly easy to waste time worrying about this. #the50

3. Success is not a finite resource.

College fosters a zero-sum mentality: that someone has to fail for you to succeed. In truth, another’s success doesn’t limit yours. #the50

4. You cannot score without a goal.

If you don’t know what you want, then how can you pursue it? Having a goal defines an end point, and subsequently, a place to start. #the50

5. Starting anything requires energy.

It takes more energy to start than it does to stop. This is true for physics, your career, and that idea you need to work on. #the50

Via SwissMiss